Stan Hieronymus, Author ‘For the Love of Hops’

The more American brewers learn about hop terroir, the more they appreciate the different character British hops express in their beers – whether they are using Old World varieties or ones as fashionable as any from the New World.  Authenticity has become a rallying cry for American brewers who understand Old World inspired beers should be made with Old World hops.

Fergus Fitzgerald, Head Brewer, Adnams

I love Jester, its exactly what we needed from a new UK hop.  It brings some of the flavours I love in new world hops like grapefruit and gooseberry, but it does it in its own way.

Roger Protz, Editor Good Beer Guide,

The British Hop Association has played a brilliant role in promoting British hops and developing new varieties to meet the demands of the modern brewing industry. British hops have a proud history and a sound future thanks to the dedicated work of hop farmers.

Simon Yates, Assistant Head Brewer, Banks’s Brewery, Wolverhampton

We have used Endeavour, which is the daughter of Cascade, in a Single Hop beer; while it does have some of the same citrus flavour notes as Cascade, they are gentler and more complex with summer fruit flavours coming through as well – strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant.  

Damian McConn, Head Brewer, Summit Brewing Company

Pilgrim is an excellent dual-purpose hop used in a range of ales at Summit Brewing Company, including our flagship Extra Pale Ale which just received another gold medal at the great American Beer Festival.  Its clean bitterness, balanced flavour profile and unique aroma qualities of currants, gooseberries and cedar blend particularly well with caramel and roasted malts found in pale ales, porters and export stouts.