PG Pioneer conesFlavour and Aroma

Pioneer’s aroma characteristics include a distinctly hoppy, yet pleasant lemon and grapefruit aroma, with cedar and herbal flavour notes.

Bittering Characteristics

Pioneer’s bittering characteristics are crisp, refreshing and clean.

Flavour Intensity



About this Hop

Pioneer has a high flavour intensity and is suitable as a bittering and late aroma hop.


Pioneer was bred at Horticulture Research International, Wye College in the UK released originally in 1996. It is a high alpha, high yielding variety and is a very acceptable substitute for many other hops used for kettle hopping. Pioneer is a Hedgerow variety with a good tolerance to wilt, but is susceptible to both Downy and Powdery mildews. It has very good storage stability.


Alpha acid: 8-10.5%

Beta acid:  3.5-4.5%

Co-Humulone: 36%

Total Oils: 1.0-1.8%

Myrcene: 35%

Humulene: 18-25%

Farnesene: Trace