Flavour and Aroma

Complex blackcurrant, loganberry and spice notes best describe Endeavour’s aroma, with a wonderful grapefruit and lime flavour. It is gentler than Cascade.

Bittering Characteristics

With what’s been brewed so far, well rounded and fruity is a good description of its bittering characteristics.

Flavour Intensity


About this Hop

Endeavour is a new wonderfully citrusy Hedgerow Hop that is creating a lot of interest and excitement. It has good storage stability.


Bred at Wye Hops in the UK, this is still on farm trial and has not been released for commercial growing yet. It is a cross between Cascade and a Hedgerow Hop. It is wilt tolerant and appears to be tolerant to powdery and downy mildews.


Alpha acid: 8.0-10.5%

Beta acid: 3.8-5.3%

Co-Humulone: 30-36%

Total oils: 1.1-1.7%

Humulene: 3-10%

Myrcene: 27-37%

Farnesene: 5-8%