Shout loud and proud about British Hops and see your beer sales grow

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Shout loud and proud about British Hops and see your beer sales grow.

Are you brewing with British Hops? Don’t forget to tell your customers.


Just over a year since the British Hop Association launched the “Brewed with British Hops” and “Made with British Hops” logos, we’ve gone back to check with brewers how they have been received. They were introduced in response to brewers requesting a logo to promote the use of British Hops in their beer. To those brewers using them we’d like to say “thank you”. They seem to be having quite an effect.

Adam Smith from Mayfields Brewery in Herefordshire introduced the logo on their bottled beer labels last year, and almost immediately they noticed a significant uplift in sales. Adam said, “Customers see the British flag and are keen to buy British; the logo is like the Red Tractor logos in the supermarket and customers are interested in provenance. The British Hops logo gives us real stand out on shelf – it’s been great for sales”.

Lizzie Davidson from Wye Valley Brewery has used the logo in various different publicity activity. “We are really interested in promoting home grown hops and know that our customers are really interested too. We take any chance we get on twitter or in print to show our support for @BritishHops”.

James Clarke from Hook Norton Brewery says “As consumers become more discerning, helping to tell them where ingredients are from is increasingly important.  There are lots of breweries in the UK now, with lots of very good beers, but there is so much more we can do to inform beer drinkers of what is in the beer. The new British Hops logo is a key part of this”.

Eddie Gadd from Ramsgate Brewery says “We have only had the chance to use it on one label so far and that’s a pretty niche 12% stout, but it looks really cool.  Also it is included in new artwork for the rest of our range but that isn’t due for use until later this year”.


At British Hops we want all beer drinkers to talk about and recognise the British Hop varieties in their beer. If you are brewing with British Hops, thank you.


The logos are available to download on the home page of  Simply scroll down to the logos and click on the one you want.

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