Hop Shoots Back on the Menu

V__5E6AIn an effort to raise the profile of our British Hop Growers, Hukins Hops and the Ramsgate Brewery have teamed up to pair spring Hop Shoots with a glass of local beer.

After a mornings work harvesting some young English Fuggle shoots, Ross from Hukins Hops and Eddie Gadd from the Ramsgate Brewery experimented pan frying the Hop Shoots with foraged wild garlic before serving with Gadds single green hopped East Kent Goldings ale to some willing participants.

The majority of the hop shoots have now been delivered to some of Kent’s finest eateries for experimentation for salads and starters. Corner House chef Matt Sworder blanched some hop shoots before tossing them in butter with purple sprouting broccoli, seasoning and crushed hazelnuts.

To date the feedback has been one of excitement and interest about this seasonal, provincial product with the team hoping to expand the operation in the years to come to get Hop shoots back on the menu and Hop growing back on the mind.

“They tasted fantastic, lightly charred with wild garlic in the sunshine with a glass of beer.”

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Hop shoots from Ross and Peter Hukins Farm, picked by Eddie Gadd from Ramsgate Brewery

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